What Is the Evil Eye?

Regardless of who you are and where you’re from, I’m sure you’ve at one point or another, seen the evil eye. A beautiful symbol exuding spirituality with its deep blue exterior. But what does it actually stand for?

The evil eye is a prominent symbol in many cultures and countries around the world. As such, the evil eye has held many different appearances, shapes, and back stories. But there is one overall theme behind the evil eye that has upheld all across the world. Protection. The evil eye is said to be a protector, a figure to ward off evil signs and wrongdoers. One main affliction that the evil eye defends against is envy. The figure’s deep blue design catches the stares of those envious and protects the wearer against their evil intentions.

For the strong statement that the evil eye possesses, it produces quite the sense for fashion. Evil eyes nowadays are seen on many different pieces, including but not limited to, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and anklets. While also seen in a wide variety of colors, the original designs were set in deep blues associated with the protective nature of the charm. However, each distinctive color has a different meaning when it comes to evil eye culture.


-Red: Courage and energy

-Orange: Happiness and creativity

-Yellow: Health and concentration

-Green: Success and balance in life

-Blue: Protection and relaxation

-Purple: Imagination

-Pink: Friendships and calmness

-White: Purity and focus

-Grey: Protection against sorrows

-Brown: Connection with nature and order


Stemming from its original cultural roots regarding protection against fate and those who would cause harm, the evil eye has managed to cultivate its own culture over the years. Now the evil eye has become an individualistic idea, and can contribute to personalizing its experience to the wearer based on how they choose to wear it, and which colors they choose to don.

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  • I’m not a superstitious person but I believe in good luck wear.

    Tina, S

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