Our Story

Hello & Thank You for visiting our store.

   We are a family operated store. Our business started off generations before us and continues now, for the love of jewelry, the passion for beauty and the belief of positive energy.  Three generations of Jewelers.

   Our family background is extensive…. We have learned jewelry from the ground up. Every aspect of what goes on to making a piece of jewelry from the purest form to the end result. From designing and manufacturing, to stone setting, and to completing a piece.

   We are passionate about what we do, spiritually, mentally and with love. We believe not only is the Evil Eye beautiful but its spirituality is pure and a form of good energy. Its popularity and belief has grown immensely over the years… (Which has been around for thousands of years) and we wanted to provide the best quality of Evil Eye, Hamsa, and other Exquisite Silver Jewelry to the consumer.

   We hope you not only enjoy the pieces, but share them with loved ones, and let it bring positive energy and good luck to you and everyone who wears them.


From our family to you with Love,


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